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A few words about myself

thank you for visiting my site!
I was born in 1946 in Alexandria (Egypt). My family moved to Italy when I was a child and I grew up in Florence. I remember visiting the museum of "Firenze com'era" (Florence as it was) and getting very much impressed by the changes which had occurred over the centuries. I believe my interest in fitting into the past the monuments and the buildings of a city started then. This is a picture of myself at the time.

I worked for Exxon's (*) subsidiaries in Italy and abroad for more than 35 years (my bitter views on today's ExxonMobil) and I am now fully devoted to improve my (purely amateurial) website. I live in Rome in S. Saba.
I will be glad to get any comment you feel could help in improving this website.

Roberto Piperno

(*) The words ExxonMobil, Exxon and Mobil are used in a generic sense. I actually worked since January 1, 1966 for Esso Standard Italiana Spa, subsequently renamed Esso Italiana Spa and Esso Italiana Srl. On April 5, 2001 I was notified that my contract had been sold on January 1, 2001 to another company named ExxonMobil Mediterranea Srl (previously a subsidiary of Mobil). Four days after this notification I left the company. Therefore I never had any direct legally binding agreement with Exxon Corporation or ExxonMobil Corporation. The actions taken by EM against my websites made me understand that there are....