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  1. Alberto Sordi was a worldwide famous .

  2. He started his career at the age of .

  3. He started working in the movies in

  4. He started off as a

  5. n the 50es he gave life to the protoptype of an Italian .

  6. He worked in collaboration with .

  7. During his career he kept nurturing the character of

  8. In 1999 he was awarded

  9. His best biographer is

  10. Alberto Sordi was born in Rome on

  11. The character that best fits his prototype is

  12. He lent his voice to the character of

  13. After the second world war he also worked on

  14. He cooperated successfully with screenplay writer

  15. At the age of 15 he made his first appearance in

  16. in his prvate life Alberto Sordi

  17. He had

  18. In "Un Americano a Roma"one of the most famous scenes shows Nando hands.

  19. He worked with Peppino De Filippo in:

  20. He was awarded a Golden Globe, Best Actor in

  21. He was awarded the Golden Globe for the film:

  22. He expressed his best in terms of political satire in:

  23. He starred in "La Grande Guerra" together with

  24. He best expressed the bourgeoisie's greedy and obnoxious drive to money at the expenses of poor people in .

  25. Together with Anna Magnani he was one of the most outstanding actors of Italian

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