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What is List2000 ?

List2000 Version 1.04 
Copyright (c) 1998-2001, Massimiliano Giarratana

List2000 is a replacement for the MS-DOS "DIR" command. It has most

of the features of DOS's "DIR" and display files in a much nicer format using

different colours according to their file extensions. It is extremely easy to use.

List2000 will operate under Microsoft Windows 9x, NT. There have been many DIR

replacements, however, with the inclusion of long filenames in Microsoft Windows,

our favourite DIR replacement utilities are no longer functional. List2000 is a free

DIR replacement utility which implements the long filename system, which is known

as VFAT.

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List2000 is FREEware, however if you register I will send you an occasional e-mail

with the latest version of List2000 attached. To register send to

a brief e-mail with your e-mail address, your current version of List2000 and any

comments that you have about List2000.

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Download now List2000 version 1.04 (Self-extracting archive list2000.exe, 77Kb)


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Last updated 3 Jan 2001