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Three chapels by G. L. Bernini Three chapels by Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Gian Lorenzo Bernini's influence on the XVIIth century Italian sculpture and architecture can only be compared with that of Michelangelo in the previous century. Unlike Michelangelo and the stereotype of the artist, Gian Lorenzo Bernini had an easy-going attitude, a happy family and many friends. Like Michelangelo he had a long life (1592-1680) and he worked until the very end.
He had great managerial skills and for many years he organized the activity of sculptors, painters, goldsmiths, stone-cutters, etc.. He accepted large as well as small orders and he found innovative solutions for his customers with relatively small financial resources.
Until Napoleon forbade the dead to be buried in the churches, one of the most frequent signs of wealth was to be buried in a private chapel. This section shows three examples of chapels designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini:
Cappella Raimondi in S. Pietro in Montorio
Cappella Cornaro in S. Maria della Vittoria
Cappella Paluzzi Albertoni in S. Francesco a Ripa

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