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Map of the Walls of Rome

At the end of Book 1, Vasi added a sketch of the walls of Rome and of some other landmarks.

Ther Walls of Rome
Porta del Popolo Porta Pinciana Pincio Porta Salaria Porta Pia Porta Chiusa Porta S. Lorenzo Porta Maggiore Porta S. Giovanni Porta Latina Porta S. Sebastiano Porta S. Paolo Testaccio Palazzo Pontificio al Quirinale Convento dei Frati Eremiti al Viminale S. Maria Maggiore all' Esquilino Villa Mattei sul Celio S. Sabina all'Aventino Palazzo Augustale sul Palatino Palazzi di Campidoglio Ponte S. Angelo Ponte Sisto Ponte Quattro Capi Porta Portese Antica Porta Portese Nuova Casino Farnese al Gianicolo Porta S. Pancrazio Porta Settimiana Porta S. Spirito Porta Cavalleggeri Porta Fabrica Porta Pertusa Seminario di S. Pietro in Vaticano Porta Angelica Porta Castello

Rome was founded on April 21, 753 B.C. by Romulus on the Palatino hill. The initial settlement over time covered the other six hills near the Palatino. Rome had walls at the foot of the seven hills (called Servian Walls), but with the expansion of the Roman Empire they were not maintained. In 275 A. D. the Emperor Aurelianus built new walls around Rome and they included also a small section on the right bank of the river (Trastevere). The walls around the Vatican were initially built in the IXth century and they were almost entirely rebuilt in the second half of the XVIth century. In the first half of the XVIIth century pope Urbanus VIII built walls on Monte Gianicolo and redesigned the walls of Aurelianus in Trastevere.

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