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Piazza di Macel de' Corvi (Book 2) (Day 3) (Rione Monti)

In this page:
 The plate by Giuseppe Vasi
 Today's view
 The tomb of Caio Publicio Bibulo

The Plate (No. 36 - ii)

Piazza di Macel de' Corvi

A nice little view of medieval Rome near the Capitol Hill. The busy street has a strange name Macel de' Corvi meaning Raven's Slaughter-house: there are at least four different explanations for it, none of which is very convincing. In the description below the plate Vasi made reference to: 1) Salita di Marforio (this street led to Palazzi di Campidoglio; the talking statue of Marforio stood here before being moved to Palazzo Nuovo di Campidoglio); 2) Tomb of Caio Publicio Bibulo; 3) Colonna Trajana and Dome of SS. Nome di Maria. 3) is shown in more detail in another page.

Small View


The view today

Macel de' Corvi does not exist any longer and now Trajan's Column is in full view. The Monument to Victor Emmanuel required a toll to be paid and the victim was medieval Rome. In the maps the green dot shows Vasi's viewpoint. The dotted line in the old map map delineates the borders between Rione Pigna (upper left quarter), Rione Trevi (upper right quarter), Rione Campitelli (lower left quarter) and Rione Monti (lower right quarter).

The Tomb of Caio Publicio Bibulo

Sepolcro di Caio Publicio

Romans were not allowed to be buried inside the walls. These ruins of  the tomb of Caio Publicio seem to contradict this statement, but when the monument was erected (I century B.C.) the Servian Walls did not include the plain between the seven hills and the river, and thus the monument was outside the walls.

Excerpts from Giuseppe Vasi 1761 Itinerary related to this page:

Macel de' Corvi
Quì sebbene non vi sia, che una piccolissima piazza, con tutto ciò evvi un abbondante mercato di tutte le forte di viveri. E' notabile il sepolcro di Cajo Publicio, che si vede nell'angolo della salita, che dicesi di Marforio, con una antica iscrizione, che resta quasi perduta.

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