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Spedale di S. Gallicano (Book 9) (Day 6) (View D10) (Rione Trastevere)

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The plate by Giuseppe Vasi
Today's view
S. Gallicano
Lateral Fašade

The Plate (No. 174)

The Hospital of St. Gallicano

The Hospital of S. Gallicano was built in 1726 with money left by Monsignor Lancisi, the doctor of Clemens XI. It had 110 beds, half for men and half for women. The view is taken from the green dot in the 1748 map below. In the description below the plate Vasi made reference to: 1) Male section of the Hospital; 2) Female section of the Hospital; 3) Back of S. Crisogono. 3) is shown in another page.

Small ViewSmall View


The Hospital today

The hospital is today still used as such and is specialized in treatment of cutaneous diseases. The original fašade is unchanged.

The Church

The Church

The church is accessible only from the hospital and is an interesting work of Filippo Raguzzini, an architect from Benevento, active in Rome during the pontificate of Benedictus XIII, who knew him while he was legate in that little papal enclave in the Kingdom of Naples. Filippo Raguzzini is mainly remembered for the houses opposite S. Ignazio.

The lateral Facade

The lateral fašade

A neo classical fašade was built in the XIXth century to expand the original building. On the top one of the very few coats of arms of Gregorius XVI one can see in Rome.

Excerpts from Giuseppe Vasi 1761 Itinerary related to this page:

Spedale di s. Gallicano
Dal Pontefice Benedetto XIII. nell'an. 1726. fu eretto questo Spedale per un legato lasciato da Monsig. Lancisi medico segreto di Clemente XI. Si curano in questo tutti i morbi attaccaticci, toltone il gallico, ed Ŕ diviso metÓ per gli uomini, e metÓ per le donne, standovi in mezzo la chiesa, che Ŕ dedicata alla ss. Vergine, e a s. Gallicano martire.

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