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Palazzo Altieri (Book 4) (Map B3) (Day 1) (View C7) (Rione Pigna)

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The plate by Giuseppe Vasi
Today's view
Palazzo Altieri
Palazzo Simonetti e Guerra
Convento dei Silvestrini

The Plate (No. 79)

Clemens X became Pope when he was 80, but he lived long enough to assure his family wealth until today as this large Palace by Antonio De Rossi testifies. The view is taken from the green dot in the small 1748 map here below. In the description below the plate Vasi made reference to: 1) Chiesa del Gesù; 2) Palazzo Venezia; 3) Palazzo Panfilio; 4) Palazzo d'Aste; 5) Giardino Colonna; 6) Palazzo del Quirinale; 7) Palazzo Rospigliosi. All these buildings are shown in more details in other pages. The small map shows also: 8) Palazzo Simonetti e Guerra; 9) Convento dei Silvestrini.

Small ViewSmall map


The view today

To show the whole fašade of the Palace, Vasi enlarged the street between the Palace and il Gesù. He also showed as having the same height the two parts of the fašade, while the part on Piazza del Ges¨ has lower storeys than that opposite the church. He also ignored some small differences on the ground floor to the right of the main entrance.

Palazzo Altieri

Palazzo Altieri

The palace is now owned by a bank, but the coat of arms of Clemens X and the heraldic symbols on the balcony are still there. The Altieri were unable to convince Berta, a widow, to leave her small house and eventually incorporated it in their palace: this explains the two small windows above the main ones. The inner court is worthwhile trespassing.

The coat of arms

Palazzo Simonetti e Guerra

Palazzo Simonetti

The entablature of Palazzo Simonetti Guerra in nearby Via del Ges¨ was thought to belong to an ancient temple, but it is a fine Renaissance work which elaborated classical themes. At the beginning of the street there is an XVIIIth century madonnella.

Convento dei Silvestrini

Convento dei Silvestrini

The Silvestrini belong to a Benedictine order founded in 1231 by S. Silvestro Guzzolini. They were given by pope Pius IV the church of S. Stefano del Cacco and the adjoining building. In 1734 they enlarged their monastery by adding a new building designed by Ludovico Rusconi Sassi.

Excerpts from Giuseppe Vasi 1761 Itinerary related to this page:

Palazzo Altieri
Eĺ quello per la sua estensione uno de' pi¨ grandi, e principali di Roma, edificato dal Card. Gio. Batista Altieri, e poi accresciuto e compito dal Card. Paluzzo Altieri nel Pontificato di Clemente X col disegno di Gio. Antonio de' Rossi. Fra gli ornamenti, che adornano gli appartamenti, sono notabili le pitture di Guido Reni, di Paolo Veronese, del Pussino, del Correggio, del Miniano, di Carlo Maratti, e li stucchi di Ercole Ferrata nel pianterreno.

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